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Benefits of Nags Head Public Adjusters

While many policyholders file insurance claims in Nags Head without external help, others have benefitted from using public insurance adjusters. Having a public adjuster working on your behalf, it's possible that your final insurance settlement will be dramatically higher. In fact, studies have shown an average increase of 547% for claims handled by public adjusters. In addition to the potential financial rewards, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Help with claim-related paperwork – Public insurance adjusters take over all aspects of the claim for you, including dealing with the paperwork. In addition to taking over this chore, public adjusters are conscientious about filling out the forms accurately and completely. Their attention to detail at this crucial stage of the process can lead to fewer questions from the insurance company, and thus, fewer delays.
  • Less runaround from the insurance company – Tired of endless phone calls and letters asking for clarification? Your public adjuster will work directly with your insurance company's representatives, resolving any issues that may occur.
  • Comprehensive documentation – Documentation is vital. Not only must you prove your losses, you must first "discover" them. Public adjusters scour your claim for every possible loss and then document those losses extensively, ensuring that your claim is fully supported and that your final settlement reimburses you for everything.
  • Professional, realistic estimates – Like insurance claims adjusters, your public adjuster also estimates the cost to recover from your losses. Using insurance industry-accepted standards, local construction costs, and estimating software, your public adjuster provides realistic estimates and disputes any insurance company estimates that are insufficient.
  • Faster settlement resolution – When you have a Nags Head public adjuster working on your claim, you may experience a faster resolution due to accurate and complete paperwork, extensive supporting material, and detailed estimates.

Are you ready for a smoother insurance claim with a potentially larger final settlement check? Contact a Nags Head public adjuster today for a free, no obligation claim review.