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5 Warning Signs Telling You to Call a Nags Head Public Adjuster

For some Nags Head policyholders, calling a public adjuster is the first order of business. Others aren't sure whether they need a public adjuster or not. The following five warning signs are reliable indicators that you should call a public adjuster ASAP:

  • Extensive damage – If the claim involves extensive losses, it's going to be a complex process with the potential for oversights. Make sure that nothing gets overlooked and that everything is documented and claimed by calling a Nags Head Public Adjuster.
  • Confusing insurance requirements – The more confused you are about the claim, the more you can expect delays, returned paperwork, clarification requests, and other hassles. We deal with insurance claims every day and know how to navigate the process with minimal delays and maximum results.
  • Lowball estimates – Your final settlement is based on your claimed losses, supporting documents, and estimates. If the estimates are not realistic, your final settlement will not be enough for you to fully recover from your losses. Let a public adjuster review all estimates to ensure that they are reasonable.
  • Lack of time – The claims process is time-consuming, and if you lack the time to follow through, your claim could be at risk. A Nags Head public adjuster takes over, freeing your time for your other responsibilities.
  • Denial letters – Whether your claim has been fully or partially denied, receiving a denial letter is the biggest warning sign of all. Contact a public adjuster right away. It may not be too late to turn that denial around.