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How to Increase an Insurance Claim

When it comes to an insurance claim, wouldn't it be nice if the insurance company simply cut you check for whatever amount you asked for? This can happen through the claims process if you back up your request with solid proof of your losses and reasonable estimates.

Submitting a claim is the formal way of notifying the insurance company that you've suffered losses that you believe are covered under the terms of the policy. The insurance company reviews your claim and either agrees that the losses are covered or not. If they're covered, they must be documented and estimated. In order to get full compensation for your losses under the terms of your insurance policy, you must

  • Claim everything that was damaged or lost
  • Document everything that was damaged or lost
  • Estimate everything that was damaged or lost

Each of the above steps offers an opportunity to increase or decrease your settlement. For example, as you discover additional losses, the value of the claim increases. As you prove your losses, the insurance company has the documentation it needs to approve your claim; if you cannot prove your losses, the insurance company may not approve the claim. Finally, if the estimates are too low, your final settlement will also be too low to recover fully.

Because each step plays such an important role, it's vital that you pay attention to discovering, proving, and estimating your losses accurately and completely. Get a public adjuster involved and make sure that your final settlement is fully funded.