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How can a Nags Head public adjuster complement the work of my insurance company adjuster?

Public adjusters work closely with insurance claims adjusters to make sure that your insurance claim is processed promptly and in your favor. While both adjusters serve different clients (public adjusters serve you; claims adjusters serve the insurance company), we are both committed to making sure that our clients' best interests are represented. The insurance company has its own representative – do you?

Will my settlement be higher if I use a public adjuster?

It certainly could be higher. In fact, our goal is to make sure that it's as high as it should be. We work diligently to find and prove all of your covered losses and then estimate those losses using realistic prices. Studies show that public adjusters average a 547 percent increase in claim amounts.

If my insurance claim is denied, do I still have to pay you?

Public adjusters are only paid if a settlement is reached. If the claim is denied, you do not pay.

What can I do about my denied insurance claim?

If your insurance claim has been denied, this means that the insurance company doesn't believe that you are entitled to compensation for your losses. Perhaps the value of your losses is below your deductible. Perhaps your losses are specifically excluded. Perhaps the claim needs additional supporting documentation. No matter what the reason may be, it's smart to have a public adjuster review the denial, claim, and your policy to make sure that the denial is valid.

How can I make sure that my insurance claim is done correctly?

By retaining an insurance professional to handle the claim on your behalf. A public adjuster can ease your burden while also ensuring that all associated claim forms, documents, proof, and estimates conform to the insurance company's requirements. Public adjusters look for all possible losses to claim, estimate the value of your losses using realistic figures, and dispute any items that are unfavorable to you.